Cascade - CODAworx

Client: Probuild

Location: Perth, Australia

Project Team


Catherine Woo


Natalie Blair

Art Foundry and Fabricator

UAP Brisbane


On the façade of the new Ritz-Carlton, Perth, Tasmanian-based artist Catherine Woo was invited to engage the grand proportions of Western Australia in a transformative art installation from the nearby Swan River to the falling water of the famous Kimberley Gorges. Cascade (2019) looks outwards to the River and the new prescient in Elizabeth Quay, capturing the glistening water and immersing the hotel in its environment.

At over 20 metres high, the shimmering material replicates the movement of water, fabricated in recycled cast aluminium over the façade of the new hotel. The artist harnesses light with the reflective surface, creating a multitude of artworks at different times of the day, showcasing the transient texture of place onto physical material.


Australian artist Catherine Woo was selected to create a façade for the newly developed Ritz-Carton hotel in Perth, Western Australia. Her work titled Cascade was designed to showcase a sense of place, with an undulating textured surface referencing the nearby Swan River and the falling water of the famous Kimberley Gorges. Fabricated in recycled cast aluminium, the rippling surface with reflective layer comes to life via the light-responsive materials, creating a powerful physical presence through scale and reflection.

UAP collaborated with Probuild and Woo through the design phase, fabrication and installation of this work. At over 20 metres high, this monumental work was developed using Virtual Reality Technology to explore depth in context and scale.

In previous works, Woo has explored the inter-relationship between humans and their environment by using delicate and intensely detailed, abstracted surfaces. The artist hopes to impart a physicality to her artworks that renders them as ‘bodies’, raising a sense of ambiguity that blur these boundaries. She likens this state to, “working with natural forces – vibration, wave motion, reticulation… a collaboration with nature.”


The process for the grand, sculptural work began with Woo’s original artwork first scanned into a 3D model. They developed the work using Virtual Reality Technology — using modern technologies allowing the team to maximise the watery effect in the location of the artwork. The artist worked with UAP and Probuild to ensure the artwork flowed seamlessly from the building, juxtaposing and complementing the brass window frames, timber shutters, and natural stone tiles. With the scattered light, the hotel becomes alive, reflecting the busy Elizabeth Quay, and giving the building site-specific context.

Woo often draws on nature as a medium within her artworks, describing her practice as a collaboration and experimentation with natural forces, a way of ‘painting with nature’. The artist mirrors the duality of perspective, and Cascade appears at times as close-ups of rippling water channels or aerial shots of gushing rivers cutting through the landscape.