Casas de Brincar - CODAworx

Casas de Brincar



Location: Messejana, Portugal

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $4,997

Project Team


Messejana Community

Art Consultant


Taking inspiration from the local architecture and floral landscape of Messejana, Portugal, the abstract shapes in this mural mark a point in my career where I turned towards the potentials of color. The bright white of the village’s houses against the fuchsia flowers and blue sky of the village was a welcome shock to my system. This departure from my previous work gave me new insights into the transformative potential of the chromatic.


Abstracting the shapes of the village homes and the pops of color throughout the landscape allowed me to play between 2d and 3d, transforming architecture both by reimagining the houses on a 2d surface, but also changing an existing 3d surface of a curved wall through color. While I was initially met with skepticism as an outsider to this group, the mural became a part of a space of community gathering.