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Casa Fuerte

Submitted by 1er [DIA]


Client: Casa Fuerte

Location: Queretaro, Mexico

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $80,000

Project Team



1er [DIA]


Alejandro Garcia Guerrero


A re-purposed building structure almost 300 years old receives one major intervention intended to bring an exquisite environment for cultural events, social gatherings and a new life for a derelict colonial grain silo.


The lighting design had to extract the flexible features of a solid built environment making the structure easy to communicate character, meaning and mood. The voice that lighting conveys adheres to a new program one that makes this already beautiful construction and invites visitors to spend time at night


A complex restoration over 4 year period and a superb landscape layout gave a guidance for the type of intervention that the lighting could add to the environment, interior are to be flexible for different tasks and use. Exterior had to reflect festive or formal situations visually to a distance. All lighting fixtures are LEDs in RGBW and DMX interface, all fixtures are mounted to existing perimeter walls that determined distance and optics required height was achieved by mounting fixtures in posts where no less than 2 fixtures where installed in order to optimise and decrease number of vertical elements.