Care House - CODAworx

Care House

Client: Dayton Children's Hospital

Location: Dayton, OH, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $40,000

Project Team


John Fabelo, AIA



Terry Welker, FAIA

Welker Studio


The architects, LWC, were challenged with creating a new building where abused children interface with legal and healthcare professionals in the continuum of physical, emotional and social care . Archtiect/scultor Terry Welker, FAIA, was asked to collaborate and respond to the architectural concepts to help create a place of belonging through kinetic art.


The primary goal of the commission was to create a strong "sense of fit" between the architecture and the art using the theme of "natural forest". Conceived in concert they both are stronger for the juxtapositioning. Using the normal room air currents and changing daylight conditions allows the character of the spaces and sculptures to evolve throughout the day.


The architects envisioned using the theme of "nature" with views to the sky and changing sunlight conditions with the columns and beams configured to mimic contemporary "trees". Terry Welker, FAIA became a part of the design team to integrate abstract kinetic sculptures that gently move with a calming effect and create a sense of place in an otherwise stressful situation.

Additional Information

Early collaboration during design and regular site visits during construction helped significantly with the creation and validation of size and scale decisions for the art work. For works were created using custom colored anodized aluminum and stainless steel wire: "Leaf Slash" (72"h x 100"w x 18"d), "Small Leaves", "Bird", and "Pine Cloud".