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Cappuccino Cloud

Submitted by Renee Dinauer Sculpture

Client: Verano - Fairfield Murphy Ranch

Location: Milpitas, United States

Completion date: 2012

Project Team


Renee Dinauer

Renee Dinauer Sculpture


Fairfield Murphy Ranch


A large, unique, light weight, suspended sculpture was required for this semi-public space. The project had a volume more than 500 cu ft ( 13’x9’x4.5′).


The goal was for a large, light weight, high visual impact, suspended sculpture with natural wood colors to complement the rich decor.


Some collaboration and close communication was required with artist and the project manager with this new construction to accommodate hanging points and an extended fire sprayer in the vaulted ceiling. during the framing stage of construction. The sculpture was approved by local codes to envelope the fire sprayer within its spray pattern.

Additional Information

The artist planned the entire hanging procedure and assisted the installers to safely raise and install the work.