Capital One Corporate San Francisco Art Project - CODAworx

Capital One Corporate San Francisco Art Project

Submitted by Leo Bersamina

Client: Capital One

Location: San Francisco, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $25,000

Project Team


Heid McBride

Leo Bersamina Art and Design


The artwork was to be integrated into an area where two floors were joined in order to create an open space. The art consultants were drawn to the natural materials that I use, and the bright and crisp colors and designs that are integrated into the objects. I visualized the piece hovering over the open area from 20 foot the steel rods. Materials: found wood, acrylic, steel. Dims: 102″x148″'70″.


The integrated artwork was to be able to converse with the natural woods used in the remodel of the surrounding work spaces. This area was designed for collaboration and creative energy. My art design was to interact with the area, while having a presence that would enhance the visual sensorial relationship with the high tech workers.


The process went pretty smoothly, but not without minor missteps. I had to change the rod material to work better with the design, we worked with the contractors to insert anchors into the ceiling, and I mapped out a template for placement of the anchors. We developed a system where they would attach the corresponding steel rods to each anchor spot. I then attached each piece of wood with epoxy. Heidi McBride was very adept at coordinating all of the contractors, the facility manager, and the corporate coordinators from Capital One.

Additional Information

I enjoyed the process of making work that interacts with architecture or the landscape. It allows for much problem solving and takes me down paths that I may not normally go in my studio practice and methodologies.