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Canyon Reflection

Client: Kirtland AFB 377th MDG Clinic

Location: Albuquerque, NM, United States

Completion date: 2018

Project Team

Industry Resource

Industry Resource

TD2 Engineering

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Industry Resource



Matthew Placzek



The sculpture is composed of three colored acrylic panels with depictions of the surrounding desert environment. The acrylic panels vary in size ranging from 8 feet-tall to 12 feet-tall and 3 feet in width. Green, blue, and indigo stainless-steel hand painted ribbons, varying in length from 4 feet-long to 8 feet-long, dance between the panels representing the Rio Grande. Eagles cut from stainless steel and polished to a mirrored finish were then added, soaring above and around the river with a 3-foot wingspan. The sculpture is suspended from the ceiling 45 feet in the air.


New Mexico is full of inspirational landscapes, from majestic canyons and winding rivers, to the exotic wildlife and colorful skies. The area provides a dynamic canvas of motivation for any artist. It’s roaring culture and vibrant scenery resonate with life. When sculptor and artist Matthew Placzek was asked to create a sculpture for Albuquerque’s Kirtland AFB 377th MDG Clinic, he had more than enough inspiration to draw from. On his first trip to Albuquerque to visit the site, he found himself overlooking the Rio Grande from the airplane. It was a breathtaking site which instantly sparked his imagination. The medical center had an open atrium with natural light cascading down from a skylight. Matthew wanted to work with the natural light and complementing colors to brighten the space while showcasing an impactful piece.


Because of the scale of this project, Matthew needed a team of engineers to help create a hanging grid for the piece to hang from. TD2 Engineering helped design the hanging grid that could bear the weight of the piece. SIOTS was an integral part of the process with the initial outfitting and transition planning.