Client: Downtown Ottumwa Iowa Legacy Foundation

Location: Ottumwa, IA, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $10,000

Project Team

Landscape Design

Genus Landscape Architects, Des Moines Iowa

Grant Funding

Downtown Ottumwa Iowa Legacy


We turn the knob without hesitation, water, our automatic life force, passes by unseen through little moments of our daily lives, a seemingly mundane interaction with domestic plumbing. This work is a playful exaggeration of plumbing fixture’s inherent sculptural qualities. The fixtures act as a vehicle for transporting the roof line water through the sculptural faucet and into the drain pipe / vessel, and continues downward to provide water for green plantings on-grade.


The renovation of Ottumwa Iowa's Canteen Alley transformed a non-descript downtown back alley into a pedestrian walkway. The landscape architecture firm Genus, selected 2 artists to integrate public sculpture that would transport rainwater from the roofline to garden spaces below.


The collaboration was a coordinated effort between Genus Landscape architects, Des Moines Iowa, Mueller Studio, Lutsen MN, and the Downtown Ottumwa Legacy Group, to transform the alley into a pedestrian pathway and gathering place

Additional Information

The launching pad for the sculptural plumbing forms stemmed from reclaiming decommissioned ventilation pipe tubing out of 1930s Textile Mill