Canopy Dreams for San Antonio - CODAworx

Canopy Dreams for San Antonio

Client: Department of Arts & Culture, City of San Antonio

Location: San Antonio, TX, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team


Stephen Galloway

Stephen Galloway Studio, LLC

Public Art Project Manager

Kimberly Mirelez

Public Art San Antonio


Samuel's Glass Company

Fabrication/project coordination



Canopy Dreams for San Antonio consists of two large-scale artworks that face each other on the opposing walls of the lobby/reception area of the new Senior Center. The pair of artworks are matched, sharing the same overall dimensions, materials, style and installation. The artworks, approximately 10’ tall by 24’ wide, each depict a compelling view looking up into the canopies of trees endemic to the San Antonio, and District 9, area. The compositions may appear photographic from a distance, but on closer inspection reveal themselves as stylized images, with outlined blocks of color depicting detail. The effect is part of a lineage going back to traditional stained glass methods, such as the windows of St. Joseph’s Church downtown, and through the modernist designs of Art Deco, a locally prominent style. My graphic approach updates these methods to create a contemporary form appealing to many viewers, grandparents who may love Frank Lloyd Wright’s glass designs and grandkids who love Japanese anime.


These artworks developed from my understanding of the mission of the site, and my experience of exploring the greater context of the new building.  The core of the Senior Center’s mission revolves around the support of well-being. The community’s well-being is reflected in its physical, mental and social health.