Cancion Del Mar - CODAworx

Cancion Del Mar

Submitted by Ann Troutner

Client: Shirleys

Location: Puerta Vallarta, Mexico

Completion date: 2007

Artwork budget: $75,000

Project Team


Ann Troutner

Bella Equestre LLC


Bernardo Ramirez

Bernardo Ramirez


Jon Shirley

Jon Shirley


“Cancion Del Mar” (2007) commissioned for the Shirley family beach residence in Nayarit, Mexico, has laminate treatment on twelve sliding door panels. The ultra clear plate glass doors were so clear that they were dangerously invisible. Emergency artistic treatment was needed to help see the glass, yet, not obstruct the fantastic bay view, nor conflict with the established art and furnishings. Thousands of blue glass waves were applied to the doors facing the sea direction, and green glass grass blades applied to the doors facing inland, as an elegant, clean solution. Additionally, colored shadows spread across the floors from movement of the natural light.


The clean application of thousands of glass pieces. applied to the existing glass sliding doors, in a completely finished environment, was a perfect solution to successfully draw attention to the clear surface, without distracting from the view, light and beauty.


The artist invented this process that expedited a solution in a highly, finished environment. The crystal clear plate glass used for all the the expansive windows, and the sliding glass doors created an art emergency, by endangering people walking into the extremely, clear glass doors. The pieces of colored glass blended into the environment, while drawing subconscious attention to the surface of the glass.

Additional Information

Ann Troutner works independently, and stopped collaboration with paul Marioni, in 2007.