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Can you relate?


Client: Capital Transactions

Location: Queensland, Australia

Completion date: 2016

Project Team


Lincoln Austin

Art Strategy, Design Assist, Fabrication and Installation

UAP Brisbane


Renowned Australian artist Lincoln Austin collaborated with UAP to create his site-specific artwork Can you relate? for the newly redeveloped Redbank Plains Shopping Centre in Queensland, Australia. Lincoln Austin is known for his works which use geometry and pattern to generate optical illusions and effects, investigating the blurred boundaries between Ideal and physical realities.


Comprised of 118 modular curved mirrors in six unique colors, "Can you relate?" is a continuation of Austin’s public art practice which engages with the formality of geometry and the poetic metaphorical potential of materials. Utilizing the combination of form, color and reflection, the artwork creates a distorted reproduction of the fluctuating surrounding environment. This visual dynamic challenges a reconsideration of how we relate to ourselves, our environments, and others.