Calligraphy Sculpture - CODAworx

Calligraphy Sculpture

Submitted by Legacy Landmarks

Client: Hilton Hotels

Location: Doha, Qatar

Completion date: 2019

Project Team


Jassim Al Nasrallah

Project Manager

Maciej Frej

Legacy Landmarks


Being chosen ourselves to create the “Greeting sculpture” for the newly opened Hilton hotel located in The Pearl – one of the most exclusive areas in Doha, we got to choose an artist who would be the perfect match for this project.


We are proud and happy to have worked with Jassim Al Nasrallah - a multidisciplinary Kuwaiti artist recognized for his great artistic achievements and love for Arabic letters.
While respecting traditional calligraphy, Jassim always looks forward to contemporary variations of classic lines, perfectly matching the modern and elegant surroundings of the Hilton Hotel. Inspiration for this artwork was derived from an ancient Arabic poem, according to the artist “the poetry expresses the sadness and lonely feelings when someone we love is leaving the home for a while. The poet resembled that person as the disappearance of the
moon as the last phase of it (waning crescent). ”The font used in the sculpture also refers to old traditions – Rika is no longer in use nowadays.


The artwork consists of 57 separate elements which, after being polished, have undergone electrochemical treatment. The greeting sculpture was fully manufactured in Poland.
Due to its size - it traveled to Qatar in two containers
and was assembled on site.
The sculpture is equipped with an automated lighting system, which depending on the occasions - allows it to be illuminated in different colors.