Californiascape - CODAworx


Submitted by forma studio

Client: City of Santa Clarita

Location: Santa Clarita, CA, United States

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $35,000

Project Team


Sixto Cordero

forma studio


Karen Kitayama

forma studio


Luisel Zayas



Michael Hayes

Michael Hayes Photography

Arts Coordinator

Katherine Nestved

City of Santa Clarita


Californiascape represents and reflects the natural landscapes of the Santa Clarita region. It provides the community a space to reflect on nature and its calming effects as both a sculpture and a practical resting surface.
Situated in the large grass field at Fair Oaks Park, the sculpture integrates a tree into its design, becoming one with its surroundings. The sculpture’s dynamic and fluctuating geometry allows park-goers to lounge in its chaise-like curves while looking up at the sky. Alternatively, users can sit at the foot of the tree’s trunk and enjoy the shade it provides. The piece is meant to act as an extension of the natural landscape while its use and atmosphere changes as the tree embraced within continues to grow.


The main objective of the piece was to create a contemplative gathering space for the community, while utilizing the local material palette of the region's geology. By doing so, the project embodies and ultimately becomes a part of nature.
The limestone that makes up the sculpture has been honed, and every inch of stone has been carved into a soft surface meant to receive the human body. The area immediately surrounding the sculpture has been made ADA accessible with imperceptible pavers that support the growth of grass while allowing wheelchairs to approach the artwork with ease. From afar, the artwork straddles the line between a man-made object and a natural boulder; and as time goes by, the piece will become more and more a part of the landscape.