California Wall - CODAworx

California Wall

Submitted by NGX Interactive

Client: Valley Children's Medical Hospital

Location: Bakersfield, CA, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $57,100

Project Team

Industry Resource

NGX Interactive

NGX Interactive


Jessie Hudgens

Valley Children's Hospital

Art Consultant

Annette Ridenour

Aesthetics Inc.


Connect with the healing power of nature in the California landscape, bringing art to life through an interactive video wall. An active visitor experience where gestures are self-directed, visuals on screen engage curiosity, encourage exploration and entice imagination.


Create an open-ended experience requiring the active participation of patients in a way that gets them moving, using simply their presence to positively impact the space around them. An experience for parents & kids to explore. Connect visitors with a contemplative and beautiful space using familiar, natural elements reflective
of a restorative atmosphere featuring California landscapes. Humanize the clinical space to promote psychological well-being.


NGX worked in direct collaboration with leading healthcare design agency, Aesthetics and the end client at Valley Children's Medical Hospital to create an experience specific to the open lobby area of two new clinics. We challenged ourselves early on with the concept of creating a living art piece using gesture tracking to use the human footprint as a way to shift and change the world positively in front of them. NGX brought this to life through software while incorporating key pieces of feedback from the client and our partner, Aesthetics on design decisions that would be a significant positive impact to the experience.

Additional Information

This experience will be launching to the public in Sept 2018. Video submitted is from the development of this project meant to show how the experience works in motion.