Cadence - CODAworx


Submitted by Brian Boldon

Client: The City of Greeley Co

Location: Greeley City Center, CO, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $60,000

Project Team

Public Art Agent

Kim Snyder

Greeley Public Art Commission


Frank Garza

Frank Garza Public Artist


Amy Baur

In Plain Sight Art


Brian Boldon

In Plain Sight Art


Dimensions: 24 feet wide x 9 feet high x variable depth
Materials: Digital glaze prints, glazed ceramic tile, 3d printed and glazed porcelain, 3d printed and dyed nylon. Our first commission integrating 2d ceramic printing and 3d porcelain and nylon printing. Images of contemporary Greeley are layered together with historic images from their archives. 3d porcelain prints form the horizon line, part botanical, crystalline and celestial creating a narrative between representational imagery and abstracted form, light and shadow.


The purpose of this artwork is to recognize and celebrate the new phase of City governing and planning taking place in Greeley CO. We think this artwork creates a thought provoking positive and energetic Public art experience. The work, its color, its pacing, the shaping offers a certain “cadence” that honors the past, shows off the sensibility and spaces of Greeley. Fitting for this new building- the artwork has a bit of a modern feel to it. There is nice contrast to the historical images. There is a positive movement made by the careful geometry of the arcs and how the images are set within this parameter.


The grouping of the 3D printed relief elements connects to the image work through a variety of means. But overall the top of the piece is interpretive, open to opinion and point of view. These could be another “portrait “of a community, like one of the many visible in the imagery. These relief forms appear somewhat star like as the view west toward the foothills of the Rockies from Greeley. Overall the shape suggests the Front Range perhaps. Or they are vessels ready for water, for information for whatever the future holds.

Additional Information

We have expanded our practice integrating 2d glaze printing with 3d printed porcelain with our public art installations. We now use cameras and 3d scanners to capture sentient, meaningful aspects of site and community. Assembling narratives with printed images and objects provides unprecedented innovation and artistic expression for Public art interaction. Ultimately art and site become a reflection of this collaborative exchange between artists, architects, stakeholders, and community. Through embracing emerging technologies we explore evolving contemporary relationships with architectural materials and spaces for expressing shared cultural experience that embodies community and Place.