50 Butterflies - CODAworx

50 Butterflies

Submitted by Priscilla Robinson

Client: Mt. Prospect Public Library

Location: Mt. Prospect Public Library, IL, United States

Completion date: 2018

Project Team


Priscilla Robinson

Art Consultant

Blythe Lee

Corporate Artworks


The artwork was commissioned to create a piece for the check out area of this library in the Chicago area. A colorful wall sculpture was needed to accent the island of a wide wall surrounded by the visually busy shelves of books. The units read as butterflies but are also remindful of books, opened at the seam.


The goal was to create a colorful textured wall sculpture repeating the materials of books in a new way. Handmade paper cast with textures joined like a book binding but with half circles instead of rectangles.


Once the size of the footprint on the wall was determined, the number of units was calculated. An impact from a distance was created with larger units instead of many smaller ones. Each unit was saturated with acrylic paint. The piece is 39” x 12 ft.

Colors were inspired by the library’s logo. Textures varied from plant and abstract motifs to occasional lines of poetry.