Buckeye Nation - CODAworx

Buckeye Nation

Submitted by Sam McKinney


Client: King's Daughters Medical Center of Ohio

Location: Portsmouth, OH, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $145,000

Project Team


Sam McKinney


Kirk Donges

TSHD Architects


This exterior dimensional mural (some of the imagery such as the cityscapes) are multilayered, projecting from the surface intensifying three dimensionality. Formed of 3/16″ aluminum and shaped like the state of Ohio, it is 14' tall, 12'6″ wide and 14″ deep. Painted with exterior graphic enamel, this collage of imagery celebrates and acknowledges the history and people of Ohio.


The goal for this project is to pay tribute to the state of Ohio and to be an integral hallmark element of the frontal and entry façade of the architecture. Moreover, the concern of being an out of state health provider, this project provides a sense of ownership and pride therefore making assimilation into the community more conducive.


I worked directly with the CEO and his team initially in developing the work that was integrated into the design of the hospital.. As the design developed I worked with the architects to coordinate my work with the construction of the facility. I prepared a scaled color digital rendering of the dimensional mural superimposed over the architectural rendering to help the client better understand the relationship of the design to the architecture. I worked with engineers and construction crews to install the mural.