bubblemachine II - CODAworx

bubblemachine II

Client: artist private collection

Location: maleny, Australia

Completion date: 1999

Artwork budget: $20,000

Project Team

artist designer manufacturer

russell anderson


arts queensland


Bubble Machine II is the second iteration of my Bubble Machine Series. it was build in 1999 and has had many outings since then, rock concerts and festivals around Australia
my art practice is to make absurd machinery, often taking a simple action and making it more difficult. What better way to demonstaight than all terrain bubble blowing

Its features include: all Front Independent Suspension, Rolling Beam Rear Suspension, electric, remote controlled 6 Wheel Drive, 6 Wheel Steer, Electric Door and 2 High Capacity Bubble Blowers.

BMII was sponsored by Arts Queensland, Livid Festival


to have all terrain bubble blowing


this work is early in my art making career. It is hand build machine build last century