Brother Martin Hernandez - CODAworx

Brother Martin Hernandez

Submitted by Kim Bernadas

Client: Brother Martin High School

Location: New Orleans, LA, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $50,000

Project Team


Brother Martin High School/Barry Hebert contact

Brother Martin High School

Industry Resource

Duke Allen

Precast concrete

Industry Resource

Chad Kiem

Bobuco, Inc

Industry Resource

Kevin Cook


This 69″ H life size bronze was commissioned by Brothers of Sacred Heart to honor Brother Martin Hernandez, who was instrumental in promoting spiritual and academic excellence in high school in New Orleans. He was named one of the 300 most notable and influencial individuals in past 300 year history of the city. The 30″ H cast stone pedestal is octagonal with 8 plaques.


The goal of this commission was to honor the life of Brother Martin Hernandez and express him in the light of his persona as a loving disciplinarian who inspired excellence in the development of morality and academics in his students. The pose was conceived by those closest to him with an image he frequently assumed every morning in the school yard. The site was chosen for optimal viewing from several vantage points serve as a gathering place for the students.


Collaboration throughout the process was engaged between artist, client, landscape architect, concrete masters, Brothers of Sacred Heart, to decide on the pose, size, location, materials to be used and all verbage for the plaque. The artist designed sketches and provided maquettes; clients were invited to view for discussion. After clay sculpture was completed, clients visited studio to view and make any changes or provide input. Sculpture was then transported to foundry where artist visited frequently throughout casting, moldmaking and patina of piece to ensure quality. Artist engaged all necessary services for installation of piece, and directed the entire process.

Additional Information

In addition, artist coordinated celebratory festivities for unveiling, and provided information regarding care and maintenance of artwork.