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Brooks Fiber Optics- Lobby Artworks

Submitted by Twyla Gettert


Client: Brook Fiber Optics

Location: St. Louis, MO, United States

Completion date: 1997

Artwork budget: $18,000

Project Team


Twyla Gettert

Twyla Gettert Fine Art

Art Consultant

Anita Henehan

Reflections in Design


Large-scale Artworks created by Twyla Gettert were commissioned for the Lobby of Brooks Fiber Optics, St. Louis, MO- ‘Geometrics’ a colorful series of four 36″x72″ original acrylic paintings for the reception area and three horizontal 48″x72″ -Line Series- acrylic, metallic powder, and ink artworks for another area. The Line Series style was selected by the client because it was reminiscent of fiber optics.


Color was the predominant factor in this project as the commissioned paintings and a suspended two-story high purple metal sculpture were the only artworks in a monochromatic 5-story atrium lobby. I was told to bring a lot of color into the art. It was activating a very spacious atrium.


The Artist was contacted by the art consultant to work with her and the architect in Nashville, TN. to create art for a new building and beautiful space that had a five-story black granite wall with water running over it. The artwork was chosen by style and mood from Twyla Gettert’s portfolio of existing works. No pre-drawings were required of the artist. Through close collaboration and communications, the project was completed and the space was transformed.

Additional Information

Although this project was completed in 1997, it was included as an example of the longevity of the artist's career in commissioned art. The Brooks Fiber Optics building and business was acquired by WorldCom/ MCI and the paintings were relocated to the then WorldCom headquarters.