Bright Chime

Submitted by Studio Lilica


Client: Medical Center

Location: Porter Ranch, CA, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $45,000

Project Team


Carl Royce

Studio Lilica

Art Consultant

Joanna Burke

Joanna Burke Art Consultants Inc.


Kinetic mobile sculpture. 26’ x 14’ x 14’. IFR fabric and polycarbonate.


The client is a big champion of local artists and wanted to infuse their brand new medical center with artworks that would give patients a great feeling about their choice in healthcare provider. The glass 3-story lobby atrium is a focal point of the building design and is visible from the nearby hills and brand new retail center, effectively serving as an inviting beacon to the thriving hillside community while setting this provider apart from other medical centers in the area.


We worked closely with the art consultant and the client's design director through a series of site meetings and visualization renderings, 3D models and animations to ensure that the sculpture met the criteria laid out in the xxx. We then worked with the architect's drawings to determine installation points and the project manager and contractor to coordinate the final installation. set this healthcare provider apart from other providers in the area.