Breathe In. Breathe Out (The Wave Breaker) - CODAworx

Breathe In. Breathe Out (The Wave Breaker)

Submitted by Kwan Ng


Location: Hong Kong, China

Completion date: 2019

Project Team


Ng Tsz Kwan

Fabrication, Installation




The ebb and flow of the ocean are not unlike a confused state of mind – we are disturbed by the mental storms we experience.

‘Breakwater’ is somehow a misleading term. Water never breaks; waves never vanish. Instead, they slowed down and worn out. The sound of waves becomes more frequent, yet softer, gentler; their power is weakened.

A breakwater is similar to breathing. While anxious thoughts are not dispelled if we focus on our breath, the space and energy originally consumed by our anxieties gradually be replaced by the action – providing us with a buffer.

By continuing inhales and exhales, we might able to take a more precise look at each of the waves: think about where they come from, how strong and loud they are, where they are descending to and how the next one arrives…

Focusing on our breath helps us return to the present. But the problems we face at work, in our lives, cannot be resolved simply. Yet, it is possible for our mind gets clearer and sharper within a split second. Just stubbornness keeps problems around – they have nowhere to retreat to.

The breakwater, as an analogy, allows us to visualize and hear how the current ebbs and flows. Inhaling deeply might let us find a substitute, realizing how our thoughts come and how we can make them go.


This artwork is commissioned as one of the feature exhibitions for Hong Kong Museum Festival 2019.


Production team of the artwork from fabrication to on-site installation are professional expertise from my creative studio – yucolab. Our team is experienced in project planning, artwork fabrication and technical installation.

Additional Information

Size of the exhibition location: 100sq m Material of the artwork: - Approx. 35pcs inflatable Tetrapods structure of size 2m x 4m - DMX controlled LED wall washer light for lighting effect Mechanism: - Each inflatable Tetrapods structure is equipped with a fan that can drain air in and out of the structure. - Computer programming to control the fan on/off, so as to create a “breathing effect” to each Tetrapods structure - LED light create a Lake green color that move slowly across the venue and illuminate the installation