Breath of Light - CODAworx

Breath of Light

Client: Anonymous

Location: Rochester, MN, United States

Completion date: 2021

Project Team

Custom walnut frame

Atom Pechman


Lighting programing

Ian Adams

Gopher Stage Lighting


This internally luminous artwork was commissioned for a two story fireplace centerpiece in the clients main living area. The materials include glass, metal and resin and LED light nodes on Ultraleather covered Ultraboard. A 5′ x 7′ x 5″ custom walnut frame was made to support electrical and computer hardware.


The goal of this artwork was to create a conversation sparking centerpiece for the clients main living area. An internal lighting program was an essential component to incorporate within the overall design and layout of the sculptures. Each of the 200 nodes of light correspond to a specific sculpture.


I worked closely with Atom Pechman of FORMFROMFORM on the custom walnut frame and with Ian Adams of Gopher Stage Lighting on the lighting program. The walnut frame not only needed to look beautiful from the outside but also needed to support the artwork and hide all of the lighting and electrical equipment. Atom created a hidden magnetic closure in the wood in order to access the computer hardware. Ian worked with me to synchronize the 200 nodes of light to create the subtle glow and movements of the 4 minute looping program.

Additional Information

I often ask clients for a personal item or trinket to include in the piece of artwork. My client had a small metal book that his mother had gotten at a shrine shortly before she found out she was pregnant with him. She had previously thought she was unable to get pregnant so the little metal book stood as a symbol of hope. My client carries it with him where ever he goes. I made a silicone mold from the original book and cast it in clear resin. It hangs from a metal chain within the sculptures. I also surprised my client with added light feature. After the installation, we turned off all the interior lights to reveal the phosphorescent powders I used in some of the resin sculptures. Thankfully, he was blown away and loved it.