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Bracco Diagnostics

Submitted by Skyline Design


Client: Bracco Diagnostics

Location: Princeton, NJ, United States

Completion date: 2013

Project Team


deborah newmark

KSS Architects

Industry Resource

Skyline Design


In collaboration with KSS Architects, Skyline was asked to add life and light to the interior gallery space of Bracco Diagnostics – an advanced technology developer of medical imaging – while simultaneously expressing a corporate identity aesthetic visible on the exterior from the passing traffic below.


The office space should transform from a nondescript building in a large pharmaceutical complex to a luminous, glass-clad, and welcome presence that utilizes the location’s organic marketing potential.


Lining the interior gallery space’s floor-to-ceiling
windows with 12 eight-foot-tall hanging glass panels
was a comprehensive solution to the upgrades
Bracco desired. Using Skyline’s AST™ I/Etch
translucent printing process, detailed enlargements
of authentic MRIs were expanded, colored, layered,
and finally printed on large glass panels. These
panels create a brilliant display of Bracco’s innovative
work and identity, and their unique hanging method
with custom holes and specialized hardware utilizes Skyline Design's s versatility.

Additional Information

As part of a larger effort to transform an outdated New Jersey pharmaceutical complex, modernizing Bracco Diagnostics with Skyline’s translucent printing process refined the building’s aesthetic while adding elements of creativity and education. The glass panels’ clean and translucent lines open and illuminate the building, and the real life medical imaging displays Bracco’s work and progress in the scientific field. Together, KSS and Skyline have created beautiful branding which is highly vis