Boundless - CODAworx


Client: Arlington Texas Rotary Club

Location: Arlington, TX, United States

Completion date: 2023

Artwork budget: $205,000

Project Team

Visionary, Electronics, Code, and Assembly

Jen Lewin

Jen Lewin Studio

Metal Fabrication

Eric Small

EES Designs


“Boundless” is a permanent interactive artwork. Constructed from infinity mirrors and glass, this piece features a large interactive ground-based gear that visitors can dance on. A towering, lean-to gear filled with animating interactive infinity mirrors adds a prolific touch to the work. Through its glowing and reflective surface, “Boundless” seeks to engage passersby in a moment of playful reflection as they dance across its mesmerizing platform. Currently installed at Dream Park in Arlington Texas, with the park set to open in 2024. Commissioned by the Arlington Texas Rotary Club to commemorate their 100 year anniversary. Come and experience the dynamic interplay of light, movement and reflection in “Boundless”.


The spinning light projections within the infinity mirrors symbolize boundless connection and reflect the Rotary’s global civic history. Lewin’s creation serves as an inspiring beacon, urging visitors to contemplate their place in a world of limitless possibilities. his visionary project aims to transform the park into a vibrant hub of creativity and community engagement. The Arlington Rotary hopes that this remarkable sculpture will not only commemorate their centennial milestone but also leave a lasting impression on residents and visitors, serving as a symbol of inspiration and unity for the community.