Boundless - CODAworx


Submitted by Wimberley Glassworks

Client: Granite Properties

Location: Plano, TX, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $468,000

Project Team


Boka Powell

Boka Powell


Aaron Bidne

Granite Properties


Based on powers of nine, this installation is meant to represent longevity and eternity from Chinese numerology, which is reinforced by the ring shape. With 508 pieces, this installation fills the voluminous space by using 27” – 36” long pieces in three different textures, with can lighting angled to give the glass presence while maintaining the understated elegance desired by the client.


Central to Boundless was the idea of reflected light. The space needed to feel welcoming and comfortable while still integrating into the more traditional office lighting that already existed. Any design had to create an inviting space within which people would feel relaxed while maintaining a clean, professional look.


We began with architectural lighting that radiated appealing warmth, welcoming visitors into the space beneath the installation. To establish a relaxed, intimate feel we chose to make Boundless appear internally illuminated with the brightest light at its center falling off gradually toward its outer edges. The final effect sought would be reminiscent of the soothing warmth of a lamp shade.

To that end a series of concentric rings was created, each size using a different type of glass. The outer rings used a nearly transparent diamond plate texture, the middle rings a semi-translucent primavera pattern and the inner most rings an opaque opaline pattern. Light cast on the opaque elements would be more apparent while the more transparent portions of the design would be more subtly illuminated. 

Additional Information

Small scale mock ups were done offsite to determine the type of lighting needed to create the reflective qualities we were looking for. Final installation onsite was done by hand with each of 508 pieces attached to a matching bolt in the ceiling. The ceiling bolts were installed by the construction crew using laser layouts projected from the lobby floor.