Boulevard One - CODAworx

Boulevard One

Submitted by Magik Studios

Client: Boulevard One

Location: Lowry, CO, United States

Completion date: 2021

Project Team


Meredith Steele

Magik Studios


Kristen Fogarty

Magik Studios


We turned four concrete walls into an immersive mural experience full of vibrant color and layer upon layer of texture. As you walk up the stars from the parking garage to the shopping center, you’ll enter into a colorful prism of dripping paint. It’s public art that captivates & reminds us all to stay creative.


The goal was to create an immersive experience. Our client wanted the artwork to serve as an exciting, unexpected entrance into a new shopping center (including Mod Pizza, Target etc).


We collaborated with our client, Nine dot ARTS & Boulevard One, to design this colorful concept. We used watered down paint to create a "dripping" effect. Working in layers, we were able to build up the dimension and create an illusion of paint spilling on the walls.

Additional Information

Client: NINE dot Arts, curator Space: Exterior Mural Painting: Timeline: 3 days Location: Denver, CO, Lowry