Books of a Feather - CODAworx

Books of a Feather

Submitted by Dixie Friend Gay

Client: Houston Public Library

Location: Houston, TX, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $250,000

Project Team


Dixie Friend Gay


Houston Public Library


Books of a Feather draws parallels between the physical flight of birds and the flights of imagination found in books. The free movement of birds stretches our imagination towards a world that exists beyond our vision, just as explorations in the library open our minds to new and unfamiliar views.

Commissioned for the Houston Public Library’s (HPL) Alice McKean Young Neighborhood Library, Books of a Feather features three 12 to 15 feet tall x 6 feet wide, x 10 feet long stainless steel and concrete birds that are covered in multi-colored glass and ceramic mosaic tiles. The hand-made, high-fired ceramic tiles were stamped with book titles that include words associated with birds and flight. Well loved book titles flow like ribbons along the birds’ sides and the mosaic tiles shimmer and sparkle when caught by the light. A lighting system illuminates the birds after sunset.


-Compliment the Alice Young Neighborhood Library building
-Create a beacon for the community at the intersection of MLK and Griggs

Additional Information

Recognized by Americans for the Arts for the 2018 Public Art Network Year in Review.