Books Flying Off the Shelf


Client: Fondulac District Library

Location: E. Peoria, IL, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $18,500

Project Team


Gregory Johnson

Pirkle Sheet Metal

Industry Resource

Edgar Hernandez

Atlantis Waterjet


To create a sculpture that serves as a focal point to the library, where humor, magic, and interest are suggested.


The work had to be site specific, and one that created a conversation that would encourage people to come to the library, and enjoy the environment. Interaction is invited- the pad serves as a place to take photos.


A maquette was created to show the client. Once that was approved, a designer from Finland translated my dimensions into a cutting template for a fabrication shop. Once certain shapes were cut out, I worked with the fabricators to create in metal an improved copy. We were creating a mood of floating books that had to be magical yet soundly constructed.

Additional Information

We ended up lighting the work with LED fixtures that gradually changes color through the evening hours.