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Bodies In Motion

Submitted by TheGreenEyl

Client: Humanscale

Location: Milan, Italy

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $500,000

Project Team


Todd Bracher

Todd Bracher Studio

Industry Resource

Allenby New York

Allenby New York


Bodies in Motion is an immersive light installation created by Todd Bracher and Studio TheGreenEyl for Humanscale at Milan Design Week 2019. The work features a minimal representation of the human body formed of lights that respond to the movements of visitors. As visitor's bodies are scanned, 15 motorised lights project tightly-focussed white beams onto a screen fifteen metres away. The points of light on the screen correspond to key points of the person's body. Each person that interacts triggers a specific visual and sound experience that is tightly synced across the two.


Create a spectacular experience for Milan Design Week that celebrates human motion.


We created custom software that used the depth sensor data to control the motorized light sources.