Boconni University Gallery, Milan Italy courtesy LUMC Kunstzaken, Netherlands



Location: Milan, Italy

Completion date: 2015

Project Team

Mark Rupert

Ettore Buganza


Installation commissioned by LUMC Hospital Netherlands and and later transported to the Bocconi University Italy.
The artwork weighs approximately 90 lbs. and is made of resin, pigment, glass cloth, and carbon fiber. It hangs by one thin line, so it gently rotates from the air circulation in the Atrium Hall
Title: Chinese Purple 45T
Dimensions: 515 x 197 x 8 inches


Activate the space


The artwork was first commissioned by LUMC Hospital Art Collection director Sandrine van Noort, after which it was transported to a Boconni University Exhibition Hall, Milan Italy in coordination with Studio La Citta art gallery, and Ettore Buganza.