Blue Tree [Portal 1] - CODAworx

Blue Tree [Portal 1]

Submitted by Zoldyc

Client: Private

Location: Savannah, GA, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $5,000

Project Team

Art Direction, Fabrication, Lighting, Photography

Michael Riccardo

Zoldyc LLC

Sound Design, Audio Implementation, Music Production

Mark Anthony Manceri

Shark Anthony

Costume Design, Instillation Assistant

Elsa Ramsay

Zoldyc LLC


Enter the mesmerizing “Blue Tree” Portal, a glowing tree at the heart of a mysterious forest scene. Displayed in the center of a 150’x150′ courtyard on a wooden board with two glowing tree bark posts, the captivating image features a nomadic figure reaching for a luminous green mushroom on the tree. The courtyard brims with glowing mushrooms and spots of blue light radiating from the ground, growing denser and more abundant as they approach the focal point – the enigmatic image itself. A subtly distorted nighttime forest soundscape adds an otherworldly dimension to the experience.


The primary goal of the "Blue Tree" Portal was to pique the curiosity of viewers by presenting an enigmatic narrative, inviting them to construct their own stories. The installation aimed to encourage exploration and engagement, as visitors sought connections between the image, the glowing tree bark posts, and the unearthly soundscape. Ultimately, the project sought to immerse audiences in a world that blurred the lines between reality and fantasy, leaving them questioning the mysteries of the forest.

Additional Information

Portal #1, the "Blue Tree," is the first in Zoldyc's series of captivating installations. A Zoldyc Portal pairs an intriguing Portal Image with an immersive installation, inviting viewers to experience the world depicted in the photograph. The "Blue Tree" installation features blue light spots, glowing mushrooms, and a subtly distorted forest soundscape, creating a mesmerizing environment that transports visitors into the fantastical realm of the image. The installation encourages curiosity and exploration, as viewers seek connections and build their own narratives.