Blue Sun - CODAworx

Blue Sun

Submitted by Artsource

Client: Cicero Projects

Location: Perth, Australia

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $87,188

Project Team

Art Consultant

Artsource Consulting



Alex Hotel

Alex Hotel


Blue Sun is a 3-meter (outer diameter) glowing blue tetrahedral loop that cantilevers outwards from the corner of the Alex Hotel, Perth WA. The sculpture floats effortlessly two stories above Lock Laneway, hovering – like a geometric halo – paused in motion… an abstract science fiction made real but still just beyond our reach.


The goal for integrating this commissioned artwork into this project was to respond to the geometry and theme of the building facade, an hotel and restaurant development within the busy Perth Cultural Centre Hub. The artwork is meant to suit the vibe of the area and add creative value to the site. The sculptures interior void space and colour is designed to create an impression of lightness; the work will appear to be floating upwards towards the sky – hovering – like a geometric halo – paused in motion just above the laneway. The works location in relation to the proposed hotel and the surrounding infrastructure employs a visual language that emphasizes the buildings concrete mass and physical scale as a method to artificially fabricate the artworks illusionary lightness.


This Artwork was commissioned by Alex Hotel (Cicero projects) as a piece of public art from artist Joshua Webb. The work is made of Anodized Aluminum, polycarbonate, PMMA, LEDS, Stainless steel & brass. The project has been managed by Artsource's Consulting team.

Additional Information

During the daylight hours the sculptures saturated hue; its vibrant geometry of blue plastic tubes and aluminum nodes will activate the laneway by stimulating passing pedestrians curiosity, catching their attention – tempting them to discover a new part of their city by enticing them into the laneway to investigate the alien object. At night the sculpture will transform the once shadowy laneway into a mysterious mind-bending spectacle by creating an otherworldly atmosphere saturated in an ocean of pure blue.