Blossom - CODAworx

Client: Our Savior's Lutheran Church

Location: Stillwater, MN, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $100,000

Project Team


Alexander Tylevich

Tylevich Studio

Art Consultant

Jack Becker

Forecast Public Art

Industry Resource

Dave Erickson

AeroFab Inc

Industry Resource

Mark Adamson

Adolfson & Peterson Construction

Industry Resource

Alex Berg

The Automation Group


Pastor Dale Stiles

Our Savior's Lutheran Church


The sculpture’s purpose is to serve as the focal point of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church entrance.

The sculpture consists of five 24-foot-high poles; it is crowned with a set of 10 symbolic petals, made of a stainless steel screen material. The suspended petals are held in position by stainless steel cables. Five of the petals remain in fixed position, while the other five can be adjusted —‘closed’ or ‘fully open’ —at any point within a desired timeframe. The five movable petals of the sculpture form a symbolic Luther Rose. This iconic image was the liturgical foundation for the concept


Perhaps the best single word to describe my approach is ‘confluence.’ Over the years, my work has demonstrated a purposeful co-mingling of the two disciplines of architecture and sculpture. Architecturally integrated art is a constant and prominent feature in all of my projects. My intention is always to create an artwork that is site-specific and engages the site both physically and conceptually. I aim to incorporate different layers of meaning into my work, and I always look for the best solution and most appropriate media for each particular situation.


Among many things, our “Blossom” sculpture is representative of the complex and rewarding journey of learning and growth: it reaches from the ‘seed’ of an idea toward a vibrant bloom.

The 32’ tall sculpture was fabricated by AeroFab and installed with the help of Adolfson & Peterson Construction.
The final installation is the result of intense collaboration between artist, the art committee and the contractors.

Most important to me, however, is that after all our joint efforts, the congregation – the public — has a strong and meaningful relationship with the resulting sculpture.

My special thanks to the Art Committee Chairs: Marilyn Meier, Gwen L Johnson and Dave Colburn.

Additional Information

The experience of this sculptural installation reaches its highest point of celebration when its petals move upward, taking the shape of a “praying” rose. A subtle but dynamic light show accompanies the petals’ movements