Bloomcanopy - CODAworx


Submitted by Sandra Wheeler

Client: Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture

Location: Phoenix, AZ, United States

Completion date: 2017

Project Team


Yoshinori Nito

Industry Resource

Boston Valley Terra Cotta

Landscape Architect

Gavan & Barker, Inc

Industry Resource

Magnum Companies


The winning competition entry to provide shade adjacent the Pierce Street Market, 'Bloomcanopy' was proposed as a place to not only step momentarily out of the blistering heat while in transit but also pause awhile and have a cool drink. Glazed ceramic ’baguettes’ are inserted into prefabricated powder-coated steel structures. Each canopy contains a different combination of two colors, chosen to stimulate complimentary vibrations within the eye.


Our desire was for sustained vibrancy in an urban landscape bleached varying shades of beige, not unlike a delicate yet tenacious bloom that finds a fissure in the sidewalk out of which to grow—adding a civic marker to the burgeoning downtown culture of Phoenix. Below the canopy, a groundscape provides seating, beds for planting, and storm run-off.


In collaboration with landscape architects Gavan & Barker, we extended the formal language of the canopy to the paving pattern on the street below to produce an integrated spacial experience. We worked closely with Boston Valley Tile to select a range of custom glazes for the ceramics. Magnum Companies revised the design of structural branches from uniquely faceted triangular limbs to a standardized profile accommodating demands of both budget and Arizona engineers.