Big Pink Bunny


Client: Daxton Hotel, Saatchi Art

Location: Birmingham, MI, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $46,000

Project Team

Roark Gourley

Rebecca Wilson


Big Pink Bunny was a definite design challenge. I must have gone through 50 mock ups of all kinds for bunnies and rabbits. The piece ended up almost 9 feet high about 4 feet wide and 3 feet deep. The idea was to invite you to participate with a little whimsy and a sophisticated hi tech finish that made you go WOW. The other trick was the refection of the lighting off of the finish lighting up the room. I has become one of those pieces you just have to get your picture with.


The piece had to fit in the space and be an icon that took charge of the space. At the same time it had to be friendly and welcoming to the space. This all works very well. It has become the "Instagram moment" of the hotel and completely changed the end of the hall way... It made it come alive.


The process of making the piece was a major collaboration between, sculpting, finished surfacing, hi tech painting technique, shipping and installation. A lot of people don’t think about… “can we get it through the door?” … I am very aware of this from doing all my large projects. I have had to measure out elevators just to make sure pieces will fit and give elaborate 3D instruction on how to do it… all apart of the process.

Additional Information

The greatest moment is when it gets installed and all the "thinking it out" work pays off. Hit the lights and bam! there it is.