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Bianca Romero X Makers Mark NYC ART Partnership (11 murals)

Submitted by Bianca Romero

Client: Makers Mark

Location: New york , NY, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team

Bianca Romero

Liz Osei

Makers Mark


in celebration the resilience and strength of NYC, muralist and mixed-media artist Bianca Romero collaborates with bourbon brand Maker’s Mark showcase some of the most remarkable elements of NYC throughout it’s many neighborhoods locations throughout the city. With 11 murals all over the city,

“If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that New Yorkers are extraordinary and truly inspiring. I’ve seen firsthand how we can come together as one to support each other. There’s such a resilience, strength, diversity, and eclectic creative energy, and the Remarkable campaign is meant to celebrate just that,” says Romero. “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Maker’s Mark to have the opportunity to celebrate a city that has been so resilient and is so close to my heart is incredibly humbling.”

The Maker’s Mark art is my visual love letter to the resilience, and eclectic melting pot that is NYC. To celebrate the vibrant eclectic energy, the cultural diversity, the unique melting pot of cultures, individuals, neighborhoods, history, cultural landmarks. It’s cityscape, creative energy, and gritty graffiti and urban textures are all the things that inspire my art and I used my collaged mixed media style to deconstruct the New York City skyline, and recreate the shape of the city


to celebrate the resilience and strength of new york city while also celebrating the artistry of Makers Mark brand


I worked diligently to collect elements from all over the city and created art that was a reimagined and deconstructed skyline of new york city. Partnered with Makers mark so worked with their creative team, marketing teams etc.

Additional Information

all 11 murals were up around new york city for 1-2 years