Beyond the Current - CODAworx

Beyond the Current

Submitted by Dominic Laporte

Client: FEDCO / Plntg Seeds

Location: Monroe, MI, United States

Completion date: 2023

Project Team

Lead Artist

Dominic Laporte

Drift Mural Co

Project Manager / Assistant

Anais Labreque

Drift Mural Co


301 x 28’
Monroe, Michigan, USA – 2023
Exterior mural for FEDCO / PLNTG Seeds
Exterior acrylic latex paint and Montana 94 spray paint on concrete


The "Planting Seeds Initiative" was launched to infuse vibrant mural art into a cultural oasis. The mural, strategically positioned along the bustling I-75 highway, serves as a monumental canvas to amplify FEDCO's desalination concepts, highlighting the transformative potential of delivering clean water worldwide and the profound societal impact it bestows.