Bending Light - CODAworx

Bending Light

Submitted by Studio Lauren Zoll


Location: Indianapolis, IN, United States

Completion date: 2021

Project Team

Commisioned, admin

Keep Indianpolis Beautiful


Arts Council of INDIANPOLIS


Light is something we all–humans, plants, animals–need and consume. Yet light can feel abstract and intangible. The artworks in Bending Light make light more “visible” by demonstrating how light bends, using transparent and translucent acrylic rods. Creatively combining this material with the surrounding natural environment also demonstrates the physics principle known as refraction. The Sunburst installation serves as an oculus, which park-goers can look through, magnifying the environment around them. Engaging sunlight as it travels across the park from east to west, the art also acts as an abstracted sundial for regular visitors. This artwork changes the speed at which we actually see light. Slowing down to look at light helps us witness the importance of light in our lives: photosynthesis in plants, our own ability to see, and even the human need to synthesize light.
In addition to the Sunburst, Studio LZ has created “reading stations” that repurpose previously existing utility poles. These reading stations have translucent rods where visitors can use Bending Light publication to see how words, colors, and patterns change through the material. Shelton Heights Greenspace visitors can bring a publication home, view it through a glass of water and continue to explore.


Create a sculpture that was community oriented. Activate an empty space. Connect art to a community that does not have access to contemporary sculpture.