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Bee Yourself Team Portraits – Installed on NYC Digital Billboards

Submitted by Alice Aron Shapiro

Client: Private

Location: Kinston, NC, United States

Completion date: 2023

Artwork budget: $6,000

Project Team

Digital Artist

Alice Aron Shapiro

Alice Aron Shapiro




Richard Ingoglia

Lauring Builders


Digital portrait commissions living on billboards. Two commissions began the journey from an individual creative output scaling to the world-at-large. The project was two-fold. 16 x 20″ physical posters were created to hang at private clients’ home or office and a modified 1080×1920 px portrait to be displayed temporarily on a totem billboard in NYC.

The art was created on a tablet screen adapting elements living on the marketing platform Canva. The benefit of this shows other creatives that the technology exists to make arresting and intricate designs without complicated technical knowlege. Future portraits may contain QR codes to provide direct access to clients’ content.

Commissions provide value two ways: 1. Personal enjoyment and legacy 2. as part of the Bee Yourself Project clients are supporting the cause of endangered bees and portrait commissions added social value for the portrait subject also. The project has expanded to become a service for teams of up to 10 members to experience their art on Billboards. $3000


•Attract portrait commissions
•Complete 8-10 portraits per month (depending upon promptness of client to deliver their photograph and details) as designs usually take 2-3 days to create, and more than one commission can overlap timewise because some distance is needed to make creative adjustments
•Schedule each Installation that is ordered with billboard totem vendor
•Create and publish a document to accompany the Bee Yourself Project and place online as an edutainment resource for billboard art collectors and hobbyists
• Attorney is onboard; hire bookkeeper and potentially a virtual assistant to help with scheduling and interacting with clients on basics, freeing me up to create portraits
• Seek additional funding beyond sales revenues if needed to expand the reach of Installations
• Exit strategy.


-Communicate with client re imagery they'd like included
-Follow up with client re satisfaction and request in situ photographs, providing client with a written permission release to retain copyright of the photos
-Schedule installations which involve permissions from landlords. All installations are 6-hour time periods during one day. A previous installation reached 1505 passers-by during the 6 hours.

Additional Information

Photos from two clients have been requested.