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Bee Cave Texas BUZZFEST Tech Art Festival 2022

Submitted by Deby Childress

Client: City of Bee Cave, Texas and Hill Country Galleria Retail Center and Bee Cave Arts Foundation

Location: Bee Cave, TX, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team

Curator and Technical Director

Barna Kantor


Curator and Video Projections

Kyle Evans


Lighting Engineer

Matt Smith

University of Texas at Austin


A public art project featuring the integration of light, art, and sound. This free three-day all ages event hosted by the Bee Cave Arts Foundation, a community based nonprofit arts organization, in collaboration the City of Bee Cave and the Hill Country Galleria transformed this retail center and the surrounding streets into an open-air, urban playground of new media art and electronic music. Barna Kantor and Kyle Evans of dadaLab, an organization working at the intersection of art, science, and technology, curated the event.

The entire Central Plaza became a large-scale art and sound installation with architectural projection mapping, immersive multichannel surround sound and motion-based lighting design, original electronic musical talent, and choreographed contemporary dance performances. The surrounding streets were filled with additional light and video art installations with street performers.
Audiences were delighted with the Tech Art Festival and were able to experience art in a whole new light.


Our goal was to create a seamless integration of all the elements needed to create an expansive public event of new media art. This could only be realized through a collaborative effort involving many skilled artists and technologists. A variety of talented individuals and teams were commissioned to make this project a reality. Technical engineers, lighting designers, video projection artists, technical directors, sound engineers, composers, choreographers, hardware designers, flow artists and dancers were all needed. There were also equipment rentals, construction crews, and more to create the light art installations and the video projection/stage area with a 75ft wide and 18 ft tall backdrop as the focal point for this multimedia event.

With this combined creative effort, we built a collaborative community that merged culture, technology, creativity, and education. The resulting event provided an immersive experience with art, light, design, and technology for discovery, exploration, performance and just plain fun for all involved.


The Bee Cave BuzzFest was created by an interdisciplinary team of artists, designers, technologists, engineers, and creative entrepreneurs to create huge art and sound installations with video art projections, immersive multichannel sound, original electronic music compositions, and choreographed contemporary dance performances.
Key personnel were identified and commissioned. Then group discussions took place with the curators on the concepts and ideas surrounding the event. The focus was to create stunning video projections, immersive electronic sounds and performances.

The original electronic compositions provided the foundation and inspiration. From that each team started creating their part of the vision. Light patterns of 122 spotlights followed the beat of the music creating an amazing ambiance. When the teams came back together all the elements worked in unison to create cohesive immersive installations and performances

Additional Information

Looking back on two years of lockdown this public art event allowed people to safely go out and enjoy unique artistic experiences and live electronic musical performances. The city’s display windows and spaces were transformed into an innovative art gallery through the support of the city and local businesses. This event was an invitation to take a creative journey through the city once again and to bring joy and light to the residents and visitors. The arts are an important element within a healthy community and contribute to the overall quality of life. These light art installations brought people together to engage and experience art, shining a spotlight on how the arts are essential to our lives, to our communities, to our economies, and to our future.