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Bed-In for Peace’s Suite 1742


Client: Ivanhoe Cambridge / Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth

Location: Montreal, QC, Canada

Project Team

Vision, Concept and Interior Design

Sid Lee Architecture

Production and Conceptualization of Artworks


VR Collaborators

UNLMTD VR and Audio Z

Design and Digital Fabrication

Robocut and Audio Z


MASSIVart developed a unique experiential concept for the famous Suite 1742 where John Lennon + Yoko Ono held their iconic Bed-In for Peace in 1969, following the redesign of the prestigious Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth Hotel where we curated the revamped venue’s art collection in collaboration with Sid Lee Architecture.

Preserving the historical movement in the room, we researched, selected, designed and produced various elements for a full and immersive experience. We developed custom legacy pieces, multimedia installations, virtual reality movies, three interactive devices, timely artworks and an archive cabinet wall containing photos, videos, and other heirloom items for a full 360-degree throwback of the time in the space.

The experience design concept was so well received that the hotel now sells the room as an exclusive experience for fans/enthusiasts, press and special guests.


Custom made art installations are incredible tools to help preserve and enhance the heritage of this singular moment in Montreal’s history. It allowed the Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth to bring this moment back to life for the hotel's guests with a unique experiential concept.

MASSIVart has chosen one of the best supports to transcribe these memories into reality. Thanks to a virtual reality experience, in 360° video, a six-minute film invites visitors to discover the bed-in between 1969 and 2017. Visitors will feel a sense of timelessness thanks to several key scenarios of these eight historic days.

The discovery tour of the bed-in continues with the archive cabinet and its twelve interactive lockers made of photographs, podcasts, videos, testimonials and historical objects. The elements selected bear witness to the couple's commitments, state of mind and lifestyle during that week in 1969.

Three interactive period devices are also available to the visitor. The visitor will either pick up the phone to listen to John and Yoko's conversations with their international contacts or plug in the tape recorder and television to view the interviews recorded by the journalists on site. A total immersion in the heart of the movement.