Becoming - CODAworx


Client: The Ohio State University - CFAES

Location: Wooster, OH, United States

Completion date: 2023

Project Team


Virginia Kistler

Artist Programs/Percent for Art Coordinator

Kathy Signorino

Ohio Arts Council


Ignition Arts


Inspired by the agricultural focus of the The Ohio State University CFAES Wooster campus and the history of its land, the sculpture illustrates the connection between plant life, agriculture, community, and growth. The glasswork contains patterns that reflect the different areas of study. Tracings of plant cells, animal cells, insect wings, mushrooms, the honeycomb structure, and a ruminant’s reticulum can be found on the printed glass, while the dichroic finish suggests the field of entomology.

Dimensions: h 21.5’ x w 15.8’ x d 6’

Medium: Stainless Steel, Dichroic Glass, Concrete Pedestal


The work sets in front of the new Science Building on The Ohio State University CFAES Wooster campus. The client requested that the work be open to interpretation and suggestive of all sciences offered on the campus.