Beck Recreation Center - CODAworx

Beck Recreation Center

Submitted by Reven Marie Swanson

Client: City of Aurora

Location: Aurora, CO, United States

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $35,000

Project Team


Reven Marie Swanson

China Cat Sunflower, LLC

Industry Resource

Dan Mills

Xtreme Signs & Fabrication, Inc.


“Under the Swimming Pool” is playful image from the underside of the pool. Figures dancing, swimming, enjoying the sensation of exercise. The figures reaching, welcoming visitors into the center. Color and light delights the eye, creating a visual sensation well-being. The installation is a suspended cable construction using fused glass panels and welded steel figures.


Beginning in the entrance vestibule and continuing along the entire corridor of the reception desk and lobby area, four swimming figures are suspended by steel cable. Suspended fused glass discs intermingle in a flowing transition of shape and color. The effect is to create a subtle surprise of color, like a giant wave. The glass uses light to abstract water and kinetic energy. The artwork welcomes visitors to promote the idea of well-being.


The artist responded to an RFQ and was awarded the contract through the Art in Public Places Committee for the City of Aurora. Throughout the project she worked with city official, lighting contractors, architects and construction crews to install the work.

Additional Information

The composition of sculpture and glass works much like a “connect-the-dots” pulling the eye through the corridor. The irregular angles of the suspended elements gives the sense of floating, creating a light feeling. The shadows and casting of light, stretches the image throughout the space, like the canopy of a tree. The space beyond the actual sculpture (the negative space) becomes part of the work as well. This sculpture installation is a one-of-a-kind work. The contemporary design concept respectfully considers the architecture, function and use of the space, demanding a unique work of art.