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Beautiful Touch X Meet @ Design

Submitted by Clearspace Design & Research

Client: Taiwan National Association Interior Designers

Location: Taipei, Taiwan, Province of China

Completion date: 2017

Project Team

Industry Resource

Spring Pool Glass Industrial Co.,Ltd.

Spring Pool Glass

Industry Resource

Taiwan Material Development CO.,LTD

Taiwan Material Development

Interior Designer

Ryan Kuo

Chung Yuan Christian University, Ph.D Program in Design


To design the exhibition field by creating the concept of a river-like flowing Reed Group.Reed is a grass growing in swamps, riverside, beaches and other wetlands, perennial herbs, with creeping roots under the ground and spreading rapidly in suitable areas. All over the world temperate and tropical areas, common in the reservoir edge, also often set in the ecological pool design, with the function of filtration water quality, to provide a variety of environmental conditions.


This exhibition is in Songyan cultural park, Taipei. The fourth dimension concept of indoor landscape is used to build the relationship between human and the space. The island is like Taiwan, and people flow like water.


About plan:
The counter is " Fulfill Area". It is representing selfless dedication and practical action here. The Middle island is " Start from Area". There are four islands that symbolizing the means of Chinese words “美好關係"(Beautiful Touch). There placed designers donated goods for sale. Both sides of the seating area are "Sit still waiting for death Area". The Non-environmental plastic envelopes on the chairs are strongly contrasted with the 100% recycled lightweight fire-proof bricks. When you Sit down and looking to the Charity sale items at " Fulfill Area". If you don't start to do now. You will waiting for death.

About aesthetics:
The island in the middle full of the Aesthetic charity sale items that designers donated. Through the flow of the crowd like water. It seems to be nurtured by the beauty of aesthetics. People gradually have a new understanding of beauty.

About transfer:
The island brings a different lifestyle to the Taiwanese. It transmits relationships through rivers and oceans. The island in the middle symbolizes selfless love. Through the flow of the crowd like water and then deliver unlimited of love.