Beacon - CODAworx

Client: OhioHealth

Location: Columbus, OH, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $120,000

Project Team


Stephen Canneto

Canneto Studios Inc


Judith Spater Canneto

Canneto Studios.Inc


Karen Morrison

OhioHealth Foundation


Roland Torkowski



Greg Chillog


Industry Resource

Monica Wangler

Hammes Co.


Jane Ely


Industry Resource

Bill Eubanks



Mark Hopkins, Director of Media Relations


Industry Resource

Eddy Rajczyk

Lighting Unlimited


In 2018/19 OhioHealth built its new Administrative Campus designed by Moody Nolan Architects and Edge Group Landscape Architects. Its Back Yard is designed to be both a corporate and public, formal and informal gathering place. Beacon is a mission inspired creation. The flame motif is drawn from the Methodist Cross and flame logo and represents both Ohio Health’s Values and Pledge of Stewardship, Excellence and Integrity and those of its visionary leader David Blum. The sculpture is a composition of seven elements. Stainless steel, dichroic glass, masonry, plantings. H 18' x L 12’ x W 6’.


The goal was multifaceted: to capture OhioHealth’s Mission, honor retiring CEO David Blum’s visionary leadership and create a gathering focal point for the campus’ “Back Yard”. Beacon is set on an east west axis, playing with the sun, catching the early morning light and providing a dynamic visually changing display of colors that move across the hardscape throughout the day. The flame’s multi-hued dichroic glass forms symbolize the diversity of talents and individuals in the OhioHealth family. Recognizing OhioHealth’s diverse family and the communities it serves workforce are five figures of varying age and gender. The child’s figure, beckoning the viewers, represents the future. The sculpture rises from the planting structure with its informal seating surround.


We were brought into this project when the building and landscape construction were well underway. Our challenge and opportunity were to work within and incorporate our concept into a clearly defined physical and conceptual space. The dichroic glass, fabricated by Goldray Industries, was chosen for its metaphoric value and its inherent ability to interact with the environment, amaze and delight the viewer. Working with the our structural engineer and masons we were able to modify the existing planter to support the sculpture. Judith, our in-house Landscape Designer, worked with Edge to design plantings in the bed that enable the figures to “dance” on a living carpet of foliage and seasonal flowering bulbs.

Additional Information

The design phase for the project began in meetings and conversations with the OhioHealth’s Foundation Director, Karen Morrison her staff and Mark Hopkins Director of Media Relations. They provided us with a clear understanding of the OhioHealth story, its Vision and Mission and insight into David Blum for whom the sculpture was to honor. This research led us to draw upon our body of work that celebrates life, the human spirit and our connection to each other.