Beach Condo - CODAworx

Beach Condo

Submitted by Carol Litt

Client: Allied Engineering

Location: Bradley Beach, NJ, United States

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $10,000

Project Team

Interior Designer

Carol Litt

Carol Grude Litt Interiors, LLC


James F. Davis

Back House Gallery


This Condo is on Ocean Avenue, the beach front in Bradley Beach. The owner requested a Beach Theme and the Interior Designer created a space based on the beach across the street. The Image Artist, James F. Davis took several images from the local area and literally the beach across the street, to compose a wonderful 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath, that feels like you are still on the beach. The Living room consists of wall art and upholstery material made from the art images and placed on the chairs. Additional coordinating pieces complement the art images.


Using the art images as upholstery material, a scrim, pillows, and wall art created an integrated space that felt like and celebrated the beach in view. The goal was to have the owners feel like they were still at the beach, when they were at home. The art images were essential to the overall design as they created the imagery that allows the owners to feel "at the beach" even on a rainy day.


The Interior Designer firm, Carol Grude Litt Interiors, LLC works closely with Backhouse Gallery to create the perfect image for the project. Carol is inspired by the work of James F. Davis for his artistry and collaboration on her projects. He is a wonderful interpreter of what he sees.
And what he sees is what she wants, with a few adjustments. The collaboration extends to working with the textile industry for the perfect substrate to print on, as well as the computer artists and printers who execute the vision. The final touch is the upholsterer who interprets the vision set out by the designer; following detailed instructions as to placement of the printed textiles and finishes; nail heads, welts, painted or stained woods.

Additional Information

Some of the upholstered items in this project were "finds"; rescued from the potential trash and refurbished (thoroughly and properly cleaned and sanitized). It is always a triumph to take someone else's trash and make it your treasure.