Bavarian National Museum - CODAworx

Bavarian National Museum

Submitted by dessecker-design

Client: BMW Group

Location: Munich, Germany

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $30,000

Project Team


Bernhard Dessecker



Anja Seeberg

BMW Group


Annette Schommers

Bavarian National Museum


Required was a series of 12 chandeliers for the foyer of the museum, a grand, historic space with very high ceilings, vaults, lots of stucco and a marble floor in different colours. The fixture should be illuminating the space and be of a modern, but classic feeling.


My goal was to use BMW headlights as the visible components and create a chandelier with a strong up-and downlight. The general light was created by the unit which I composed of a BMW day-light-ring, headlight lenses and a chrome cover. I equipped all with LED, the up-and downlight were hidden and consisted of powerful LED lights. Both circuits were dimmable separately by smartphone.


BMW asked me to use any of their parts of a head or tail light to create something new. From their side I had no restrictions. The museum as well gave me card blanche with the project. Unfortunately the Museum couldn't afford the chandeliers, because the budget was used completely for the remodelling of the foyer.

Additional Information

But now, after the chandelier has been transformed into a series product in collaboration with the well known Dutch design company MOOOI, there is a chance, that the museum will be able to afford the chandelier now!