basics #29

Submitted by Matthias Neumann


Client: Aplifier

Location: Callicoon, NY, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $1,200

Project Team


Matthias Neumann


Public Art Agent

Stephen Zacks

Aplifier Inc


“Basics #29” is part of an ongoing series of public interventions under the title “Basics”, exploring an abstracted notion of form, space and utility in public sculpture. The work wants to be experienced both as an abstract sculptural gesture in dialogue with its environment and as a usable and interactive spatial installation in the public realm. Initially conceived as part of a larger museum installation at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest, Romania, the series has since had a substantial number of iterations throughout the US.


“Basics #29” was commissioned by Amplifier Inc. as a contribution to Callicoon Art Walk as a site-responsive installation at River Park, Callicoon. “Basics #29” follows the formal language and spatial intention of the work series, constructed out of 2x4 construction lumber, and will have a temporary life-span of about 6 months, activating the public park in proximity to the Delaware River front.


The work was assembled and installed on site by the artist in one day, constructed out of 2x4 construction lumber, following a site walk through with representatives of the town.