Barcarolle F Sharp - CODAworx

Barcarolle F Sharp

Client: Joellen Wilson

Location: Visalia, CA, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $45,000

Project Team


Eric Peltzer

Interior Designer

Diane Gideon

Franey's Design Center


This project is for a very modern new residence for a woman with a substantial collection of modern art. From this artist, two large wall sculptures were commissioned as well as this exterior kinetic sculpture twelve feet high. As of March 31, 2016, a wall sculpture and the kinetic piece have been installed, with the third still in design process.


The main condition we were trying to exploit with this piece is the gentle wind that is quite reliable much of the day, and much of the year. On installation the sculpture proved this out, as during the daylight hours it was in constant motion. As the entire project consists of three large works, it was desired to have a related style, and yet explore some quite different materials and styles in a very clean modern feel. So for the exterior piece stainless steel was chosen, whereas the client requested "piano black" for the large interior wall sculpture.


The owner spent years traveling to design shows and working with interior designers and architects to design her home. As she is a musician and teacher, the centerpiece of the home is a large music studio with two grand pianos. Looking out three full height French doors is an exterior patio and garden, and the kinetic sculpture is located and sized as to present the best view from the music room and the adjacent dining room windows.

Additional Information

Knowing that the client is a fine pianist and teacher, the title chosen is from one of the artist's favorite piano pieces, Chopin's Barcarolle Op.60. A barcarolle is a traditional Venetian gondolier's song, and has a gentle rocking rhythm that seems to match the rocking motion of the sculpture movement.